Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Corban, Chickens, & Cuzins

Corban turned Five! So we planned a day at the Zoo, Dan and I took him out of school to let him roam the Zoo with his own travel plans, He loved it! At the last minute we had the grandparents and Aunty Linda w/ her boys $ AVA, come for Cake & Ice cream.

Here you see the birthday boy, Azure and Ethan. Oh and the curtains my parents and G MA Bonnie helped me make for the house, there was 10 panels in all. And my parents where so great to help by bringing the bolt of fabric all the way from Utah. Actually the fabric comes from the LA Temple. Long story there but understand my Dad retired from working as the temple engineer for the LA Temple. Which happened to be redoing or ridding themselves of fabric when he was there. This bolt had been in my parents shed for about five years. (does this make it vintage, no not quite Elaine just outdated) well I tell my self how the colors remind me of the sea and I like then how it muddles in my eyesight. I also fantasize backing them with something contemporary or crazy to ground the sea. Focus Elaine. . Corban's Birthday.

Aw yes the wee little cake, I paid $10 for that. And Look at all that icing. Yucky, I thought a cheep cake would have no icing piled on th edges. Note to self when ordering cake be MORE specific. Oh and they spelled his name in cursive. I told them he was five. What makes them think he can read cursive. Poor kid could not even read his own name on his own cake. "Better Luck next year, my son". All this complaining really is about how I don't like cake. My kids like it, I guess. And Dan thinks it's a must at birthday's. Like his DAD. Me I love Pie and cake just seems like gluten to me why waste my gluten eating on cake. Although if this was cake pops I would be all over it but that has to do with the chocolate shell. See I have a major addiction to candy bars. really cheep chocolate. Oh no I need to change the topic. Birthday, yes Corban's.

These two crack me up. They have been buds, well permanently since that one day they duked it out in their own languages they where two and three. Somehow we watched them come to an agreement to agree. They will be buddy's forever I can see it all now. . . Make good choices boys.
If you look to the top right corner you will not see Penelope and Subastion they are on the top of their cage our parakeets. In the tank we have Larry the one eyed pirate and Lucius our fire belly toads. Our two fiddler crabs and a red clawed crab named Colipso and Davy Jones. Also, one of Corban's Birthday Presents a wonderful worm farm from Aunt Linda. Sitting on my favorite piece I have painted thus far. The buffet Alice Layton Taylor gave us. I can't wait to get back to painting furniture again. Gwendolyn has proved to need her mommy's arms and I miss my sander but I would not miss my precious time with her that I will never get back. but no worries there will be more painting to come soon my Love soon.

After cake & Ice Cream Cones it was out to see the Chickens. Ethan tickling this sea brights fancy.

Jadden greeting the Leghorn. Yes, his name is Foghorn.

The kids are much cuter then the chicken's but they are so cute with them.
Happy Birthday Corban. You are finally five and Wow you still have much more to learn and grow I will do my best to help you become the greatest six year old Corban DD there ever could be. Your Dad will too!


Minskie ann said...

Love the post Happy Birthday Corban
Love you Robert and Michaelene

Amanda Pettey said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Corbin
Wow, 42 chickens! You have our 18 dwarf hamsters beat!
They really seem to be popular right now. We have a couple of neighbors that just got chicken.