Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy BIRTHDAY Amy (Coco)

I wrote this on your Birthday the 3rd but I was unable to post it, Dan, has had to use the computer for hours and hours every day. He is studying to take the Boards for his nursing License.

Happy 14th Birthday Amy (my Coco)! Azure (8) & Corban (6) also say Happy Birthday!
I am excited for you to be 14 this year. 14 is a fun age. so much to think about, so many fun things to do. I hope you do much this year, to further your growth in talents and interests.
I wish I could talk to you, to hear about the things you are interested in. I hope you have influential people around you who are sharing with you the things they love learning and doing.
Your Mother is a librarian as far as a I understand. I hope she has shared with you her love of books. I love books, all types. Pick a subject, I would love to read, learn, study, research it with you.
Maybe you love music, art, dancing, crafts, outdoors, running, swimming, boxing, I wish I could hear all about you and what you love, your friends, boys who pay attention to you, boys who do not pay attention to you.
I want to know about your knowledge of the Gospel, your relationship with our brother our Savior, and our father-in- Heaven. Do you love the stories in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Do they bless your life reading daily as they do mine? Do you talk to our Brother and Father everyday? Have you felt their vast love for you? and how they want to hear from you, everyday.
My love for you is great. I do not even know who you have become but, I remember you where with me, you comforted me, you kept me company, you helped me, watched me, and was patient with me. I love you for all you did for me, and want you to know how you still touch my life. You are a dear friend, daughter, sister to me. I hope you know all this. I hope you have set your life on target to return to live with your Father in Heaven, that our lives will be blessed to spend time with one another weather it be in this life or in the next.
Keep the Faith, Try Hard each day, Know you are Loved by Me, my Husband, and Children, your Brother and Savior Jesus Christ, and Our Father in Heaven
P.S. May 14 (2012) be Amazing for you!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Atlas Henry Duree

We are having another BOY! We are very Excited. We wanted a boy, we would have taken a girl, we hope for Healthy. the ultra sound was last Tuesday. We had all the kids there. Of course we never use a babysitter, and we Home School, the kids thought of the day as a field trip. We had a tour of the Delivery and Recovery floors at St. John's Hospital. Also, of the Nursery and the NICU just in case. We were very pleased with the Hospital staff, and all they told us about how they monitor the rooms from the nurse station so they do not need to come in and in again during Labor, if I Labor there or the other choice would be to Labor at home then try to come in just before delivery at about a 7 so the doctor and all can be ready.
We liked that they do not take baby out for it's bath or anything else they do that, baby can stay with me the whole time.
I am excited that I have a Doctor who is pro Natural Birth who is ensuring the Hospital staff are educated and supportive in Natural Birth. NO Home Birth this time for us. It was quite the roller coaster, and although there are so many pluses there where also so many negatives. That I just feel more secure this time to be planning the hospital birth. there was a whole list I could have done differently last time to ensure a better Home Birth. I am opting for using others to do some of that this time. I am looking forward to a wonderful Natural Birth Experience and Looking forward to welcoming my new little man to our family. I have already been dreaming about what he looks like and holding him in my arms.
I am now 21 weeks along and doing well with my pregnancy. I feel no slower then the pace I normal move at. Such a blessing at this time!

We have talked much about how we cam to choose this name for our son, "Atlas". It is from the Greek Origins of the Mythology stories of the Titan God Atlas. For school last year we studied Greece. I fell in love with so many of the stories. When thinking of a name for our new son, we where looking for something that meant great strength. As we hope our son will have. We wanted something that would teach him a sense of direction. To look to where he is headed always choosing a path. A name that would help him see who he is in this life and that he is special and meant to do a special mission while he on this Earth and to endure well. To us Atlas says all this and more.


I am Excited to be a mother to four. I am enjoying gaining the education and direction from my Father in Heaven on how to do so better each day. I look forward to teaching all my children the gospel, very excited to hopefully have two sons who will grow to love God and always be worthy to bless others with the Priesthood. Thank you Atlas, for expounding my heart to hold more Love for another of Our Fathers Children. May he help bless me that I may show each of my children great LOVe and all those around me, it is my pleasure to be gifted to do so.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whats going on At Home

I do not like to post with out pictures, but, I will have to endure it, since my computer broke and I have not had time to put the software on the "kids" computer, mostly it is not the time, it's hesitancy to do so. This is there computer and I really want it to stay theirs and not mine, so I am secretly hoping to get my own computer. We will see which gives first.

Our first week of Home School for our second year has just passed. I was so excited to start school I could hardly wait. Today was Saturday and I had to hold back from cracking books open for my kids. OK, I read them one, picture book, by Edward Lear. Yes, they love the man of nonsense. Unusual words, made up animal, who wouldn't love the science fiction of it.
The kids had a great week. I have to confess I did a little motivating with M&Ms, it worked! The secret to this years curriculum being so exciting is well, for starters I didn't know what I was doing last year. Second, BOARDERS is going out of business and we have so many great books on the subjects we are studying. Third, I love home schooling. It is so rewarding. I love the change in family life from what we had before. I can't tell you how often I hear the words " I love you" spoken in my home. It is amazing! My children are growing so much, I am so grateful I am eating up every second of it.

Other things going on, the Tile floor (see Facebook for pictures) is so beautiful, I love it. Dan, I think had some nervousness about it, as well he should have, it was all done in his hands, without ever having done a floor of any kind ever. I have so much more admiration for my tiles now that I hand picked and laid by hand, they sort of seem like little baby plants well rocks. I am looking forward to loving them each all the days I live here. I can easily see now slate is not for everyone. Any one who likes things of so neat, straight and uniform. I am not that sort, I like difference in the mix, example there, is this one tile that Dan said should not be there, that does not go in the room. I said that's the reason I like it so much. If I had hired someone else to do my floor they may have said the same. I got to allow that piece in the room. He is a odd ball and that's just one of my favorite things about that piece. so, the giddiness comes from more things going on.

We are expecting. Yes, we just found out. We are not hesitant to tell all. We are way to excited. I would not want to hesitate to enjoy one second celebrating the news. Even at the risk at loosing. If that where to happen, though my odds are good, in that this is my filth pregnancy and no miscarries so far. Wait does that give me goods odds? or bad odd? either way. We are so excited. We are hopping for a boy, but will take girl, too. We all would enjoy either. I gave and sold so much baby "stuff" in the last almost two years, that well, I will need to get more stuff, Either way boy or girl, I am going to need to find clothes. But, I am not worried, I am excited to be on the hunt.

Dan, finished his first week of his last semester of nursing school this week. He, got his Real Estate license over the summer. We just had his first property go under contract. Fun things, all around. Really had I let life be the will of my Heavenly Father and not mine. I would have been having more fun along time ago. I truly love being married to Dan, he is a whirlwind. That I only had the ability to think, dream, before. I am so blessed to have him do all the things we now dream, think up together.

I have gained new knowledge of things I did not understand in the gospel of Jesus Christ that I did not know before, I am a forever changed creature, and the blessing of this knowledge the events that passed this last year, I am so excited that have come to pass, that I am like a girl who really truly believes in Santa. I know know the meaning of my saviors birth, it was for me, his life, it was for me, his death, it was for me. I anticipate with great Joy to live the rest of my days here on earth with the knowledge I have gained and I am honored to be able to live and do tom marrow and each day here after with this new knowledge.

What a great time to be here upon this wicked earth. I am grateful, to be here. May I spread Love and do good works another day.

Friday, April 29, 2011

spring is almost gone

SPRING is almost gone. I have so loved seeing all the color. It has me dreaming of fresh painted walls. New hung canvas paintings done by me ans my children, birdhouses that need yet a third coat of color added to them. I am calling summer. . .I am ready to dance in the moonlight barefoot. Guitar music played all night long. Oh color does this to me!! So get your bed made, pull your sweater on, and whooooooooo! This feels so natural.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duree 2010 Christmas Party

I am still learning the ins and outs of blogspot i reversed the order of our nigh there so from last to fist heres the reel...

Savanah Ray, adores her uncle Dan, as he indulges her to wear her new earrings she just opened from our gift exchange. She is so adorable. What a good sport he is.
Corban, silly with receiving his gift from Grandma Bonnie, and Papa John.
Here are the Grand children and Grandma Bonnie with their new sweaters and the story Grandma read to them about receiving a Christmas sweater. Becca, John, Savanh, Bella, Ethan, Jadden, Mason, Azure, Corban,Gwendolyn, Ava is missing from the picture, I think she was sleeping.

Grandma, reading her Christmas story to the children. I love that she does this tradition every year. I will probably do it with my grand children. Don't you love her festive socks, too cute!
The kids after the story and a song or two. you have to look closely to see Gwen's big lip puckered out. She was upset because she was made to sit there. Silly girl, she does not like being made to do something thats not her idea. Do any of us? She shows a face of hey I a person, too. I want to make my own choices. She has been so grown up this way and many others since she was born.
Here is Linda Duree's sister Gina, her husband joey, and Elijah, their little one. They got to be at our Christmas party this year. I gave joey a festive Santa beard. I really don't know him well enough to mess with his face. But hey I just could not help myself I wanted to use that feature:0) I believe we are lucky to have extended family who wants to hang with us all on this special time of year. Ed's mother was also there but I did not get a picture of her. She is very sweet and like I said an honer to have extended family to join us.
Bella Bella, with her sweet self.
Ethan and his creation.
Corban, most defently naturally takes after his mother.
Becca Joy working on her tree creation.
Me, helping Corban, notice my hand on Gwendolyn's head. She had to be near with the full house of people there at the Horten's home. Thanks Horten's for hosting our Christmas party. We will look forward to coming again next year.
Aunt Jen, Savanah, Bella, Azure, and Ethan.
Aunt Linda's hands give directions to the children on how to build ginger bread house trees. i love this shot because I am fond of hands. It makes me think of my Grandma Fred, specifically his funeral and how his hands where talked about and mentioned for all they did for all who was there. And this is what aunt Linda is doing here for all with her dry cracked and have bleed hands that she serves so many with. thanks for the fun activity aunt Linda and serving us with your hands.
Group shot of the kids getting ready to build their houses. With aunt Linda's direction.
A shot I got of my two girls, threw out the night. (This was intended to be the first picture of the blog roll, how embarrassing.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas morning

Santa gave us a magical Christmas this year. The kids have been good. It was so fun to hear Azure wake up Christmas morning run downstairs then run back upstairs announcing there was presents under the tree.
Gwendolyn's second Christmas with us, this time she was quite animated by all the excitement from her brother and sister. Our morning took extra time from opening presents to stop and make breakfast so she could eat. She did not get the hang of how to open presents till the end. Santa helped by leaving some presents for her that where unwrapped.
Azure loves littlest Pet Shops and was so happy to add to her collection. She looks so much like her sister Rachel in this photo. I did not see Rachel at seven but I bet they look a bit alike. I think it's in the eyes and hairline, and face shape.
Corban is too cute, with all his wild expressions. He loved his batman mask and costume not shown here. He is so much fun for his sisters to have. And, thank you grandma Bonnie for his Christmas Pajamas he kept them under his pillow ready to put on Christmas eve. He was so excited to wear them.

My children are such a joy, I loved seeing them so happy. They got everything they wanted except DS's. They are saving their allowances for them. They love each other and I am glad they have one another. We do not plan on having any more children. Corban talks about the baby boy who is coming sometimes. He is not ours to have. I know my heart tells me to give more to all my children they need me and I want to be here for them. To stretch to meets what ever needs of theirs I can meet. ?It is a joy it is to be a mother, a treasure that gives continually. To see their lives effected by the choices I make, big and small. I plead often with my father in Heaven for help me do this daily. And I know he is, helping. Just look how happy they look.

Thank you, Santa. For the Dinner, the Gifts, the company, the feelings of JOy. Our family thinks you are the stuff dreams are made of!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy

To my daughter Amy;
whom I know belongs to another mother. I am your mother too. I am your birth mother. You turned 13 today. Such a big age. Big, I mean big. Lots going on for you. I would love to see some of it. I would love to meet your friends. To have lunch with you and watch you move and walk. I hope you are eating healthy, making good food choices. This is difficult for anyone at any age yet so important to your body. I hope you are taking good care of your body. Making good choices for it, keeping it clean and thinking about the future and what you may want to be able to do. Our bodies take us where we want to go and whatever we do we tend to use our minds, hands, legs to do so. I hope you are practicing listening to your own voice in your mind.
If I could share with you, I would about how your Mind is so valuable and how much you can do with with it.
I would share with you all I believe in and I would listen to all you believe.
I wish you the best 13th year, you can possibly have. Mostly, I hope for you to smile as often as you can, to laugh with joy as often as you can, to feel happy everyday, to exercise your body and your choices to feel the powers you have and wield them wisely.
I wish I could share with you the lesson I shared with Azure today. About as a girl you have power that will effect so many as you grow and become a Mother you have the power to bless. She is a little young to understand still, but I tell her these things now just in case there may be no other chance.
I wish I could share with you Amy or as I think of you, my Coco. I love that you are part of my story. I am awaiting to hear your story and wish you ink of creative powers as you write yours everyday.
Your Birth Mother, Elaine Wagstaff Duree

Gwendolyn and Dan Shared their Birthday in October

Gwendolyn Turned 1 in October, she shared her first Birthday party with her Daddy who turned 33. the party was held at Laumeier Sculpture Park. I am trying to create multiple family memories at this park. Dan and I had our wedding engagement pictures taken there I had Maternity photos when I was pregnant with Gwen taken there. This was our first party held there. It is a Art Sculpture park. It is so fun to visit. We still have not seen it all.
Here is Gwendolyn with her friend Charley, she moved away to UTAH. Charley's costume is so cute, her talented mommy, Stacey Johnson made it. Gwendolyn was a penguin.
A Bee and a Penguin. Two two toned animals. I am in the picture below, I was Cleopatra or someone from Egypt.

Dan with Corban holding out their rings, Corban learned that Flash and Green Lantern are good friends. The education given by a father can never be belittled when Super Hero's are the topic. Gwendolyn receiving kisses from Grandma Bonnie who came as Little miss Muffet. Azure was a Cheer leader she was going to go as;
Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France who is the daughter of Marie Antoinette.
She said the costume was itchy. We had a great time dressing up and where so excited to see many of our friends come in costumes. Cousin John, was a S.W.A.T team member.

John and Corban, are too cute these two adore each other. It is fun to watch their relationship. John would love to have Corban as a brother. They are cousins which will have to do. I love how Corban has just tuned his eye part up on his mask.

This is just part of the kids, they are so cute all dressed up for the themed party of Once upon a time. . .That interpreted to be just about anything. Azure is holding Gwendolyn and her friend, Rachel is holding her little sister, Harper. I remember the first day of first grade when we met Rachel, she was sad and I told Azure she should make friends with her, and help cheer her up. Her sadness lasted one day only, shes so friendly and talkative I will never know where that sadness came from. We also are oh so found of the name, Rachel. Daniel's daughters name being Rachel, and we love being able to speak her name in our home as often as possible.
I think about Rachel Lynn, and how she is six years older then, Azure. And how, Azure is six years older then, Gwendolyn. Six years is significant to me because I am six years older then my little sister. I still remember the day I decided to make my little sister, Joy, my best friend. I am so grateful the thought came to me. I exercised my power and chose to befriend her. Perhaps that may be a secret to meaningful relationships, a choice to exercise.
(a little off subject rambling here)
Our good friends Vicky or Yixiu Gong and Chang Yang came. They are always Fun to see and support our little family with much that we do. They get a kick out of watching us Americans celebrate our customs. They have been our neighbors for the past three years, and are now moving to Fenton where they bought a house, we are happy for them, and will continue to be great friends always.

Thanks for all who came to make the memory with us. Those who did not we will look forward to making memories with you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My current mood

We are Enjoying the summer so much I have no time to update blog with the work we are doing. Just a mood picture for your delight. I LOVE this, it caught me off guard in the film.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Corban, Chickens, & Cuzins

Corban turned Five! So we planned a day at the Zoo, Dan and I took him out of school to let him roam the Zoo with his own travel plans, He loved it! At the last minute we had the grandparents and Aunty Linda w/ her boys $ AVA, come for Cake & Ice cream.

Here you see the birthday boy, Azure and Ethan. Oh and the curtains my parents and G MA Bonnie helped me make for the house, there was 10 panels in all. And my parents where so great to help by bringing the bolt of fabric all the way from Utah. Actually the fabric comes from the LA Temple. Long story there but understand my Dad retired from working as the temple engineer for the LA Temple. Which happened to be redoing or ridding themselves of fabric when he was there. This bolt had been in my parents shed for about five years. (does this make it vintage, no not quite Elaine just outdated) well I tell my self how the colors remind me of the sea and I like then how it muddles in my eyesight. I also fantasize backing them with something contemporary or crazy to ground the sea. Focus Elaine. . Corban's Birthday.

Aw yes the wee little cake, I paid $10 for that. And Look at all that icing. Yucky, I thought a cheep cake would have no icing piled on th edges. Note to self when ordering cake be MORE specific. Oh and they spelled his name in cursive. I told them he was five. What makes them think he can read cursive. Poor kid could not even read his own name on his own cake. "Better Luck next year, my son". All this complaining really is about how I don't like cake. My kids like it, I guess. And Dan thinks it's a must at birthday's. Like his DAD. Me I love Pie and cake just seems like gluten to me why waste my gluten eating on cake. Although if this was cake pops I would be all over it but that has to do with the chocolate shell. See I have a major addiction to candy bars. really cheep chocolate. Oh no I need to change the topic. Birthday, yes Corban's.

These two crack me up. They have been buds, well permanently since that one day they duked it out in their own languages they where two and three. Somehow we watched them come to an agreement to agree. They will be buddy's forever I can see it all now. . . Make good choices boys.
If you look to the top right corner you will not see Penelope and Subastion they are on the top of their cage our parakeets. In the tank we have Larry the one eyed pirate and Lucius our fire belly toads. Our two fiddler crabs and a red clawed crab named Colipso and Davy Jones. Also, one of Corban's Birthday Presents a wonderful worm farm from Aunt Linda. Sitting on my favorite piece I have painted thus far. The buffet Alice Layton Taylor gave us. I can't wait to get back to painting furniture again. Gwendolyn has proved to need her mommy's arms and I miss my sander but I would not miss my precious time with her that I will never get back. but no worries there will be more painting to come soon my Love soon.

After cake & Ice Cream Cones it was out to see the Chickens. Ethan tickling this sea brights fancy.

Jadden greeting the Leghorn. Yes, his name is Foghorn.

The kids are much cuter then the chicken's but they are so cute with them.
Happy Birthday Corban. You are finally five and Wow you still have much more to learn and grow I will do my best to help you become the greatest six year old Corban DD there ever could be. Your Dad will too!