Monday, January 3, 2011

Gwendolyn and Dan Shared their Birthday in October

Gwendolyn Turned 1 in October, she shared her first Birthday party with her Daddy who turned 33. the party was held at Laumeier Sculpture Park. I am trying to create multiple family memories at this park. Dan and I had our wedding engagement pictures taken there I had Maternity photos when I was pregnant with Gwen taken there. This was our first party held there. It is a Art Sculpture park. It is so fun to visit. We still have not seen it all.
Here is Gwendolyn with her friend Charley, she moved away to UTAH. Charley's costume is so cute, her talented mommy, Stacey Johnson made it. Gwendolyn was a penguin.
A Bee and a Penguin. Two two toned animals. I am in the picture below, I was Cleopatra or someone from Egypt.

Dan with Corban holding out their rings, Corban learned that Flash and Green Lantern are good friends. The education given by a father can never be belittled when Super Hero's are the topic. Gwendolyn receiving kisses from Grandma Bonnie who came as Little miss Muffet. Azure was a Cheer leader she was going to go as;
Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France who is the daughter of Marie Antoinette.
She said the costume was itchy. We had a great time dressing up and where so excited to see many of our friends come in costumes. Cousin John, was a S.W.A.T team member.

John and Corban, are too cute these two adore each other. It is fun to watch their relationship. John would love to have Corban as a brother. They are cousins which will have to do. I love how Corban has just tuned his eye part up on his mask.

This is just part of the kids, they are so cute all dressed up for the themed party of Once upon a time. . .That interpreted to be just about anything. Azure is holding Gwendolyn and her friend, Rachel is holding her little sister, Harper. I remember the first day of first grade when we met Rachel, she was sad and I told Azure she should make friends with her, and help cheer her up. Her sadness lasted one day only, shes so friendly and talkative I will never know where that sadness came from. We also are oh so found of the name, Rachel. Daniel's daughters name being Rachel, and we love being able to speak her name in our home as often as possible.
I think about Rachel Lynn, and how she is six years older then, Azure. And how, Azure is six years older then, Gwendolyn. Six years is significant to me because I am six years older then my little sister. I still remember the day I decided to make my little sister, Joy, my best friend. I am so grateful the thought came to me. I exercised my power and chose to befriend her. Perhaps that may be a secret to meaningful relationships, a choice to exercise.
(a little off subject rambling here)
Our good friends Vicky or Yixiu Gong and Chang Yang came. They are always Fun to see and support our little family with much that we do. They get a kick out of watching us Americans celebrate our customs. They have been our neighbors for the past three years, and are now moving to Fenton where they bought a house, we are happy for them, and will continue to be great friends always.

Thanks for all who came to make the memory with us. Those who did not we will look forward to making memories with you.

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