Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy

To my daughter Amy;
whom I know belongs to another mother. I am your mother too. I am your birth mother. You turned 13 today. Such a big age. Big, I mean big. Lots going on for you. I would love to see some of it. I would love to meet your friends. To have lunch with you and watch you move and walk. I hope you are eating healthy, making good food choices. This is difficult for anyone at any age yet so important to your body. I hope you are taking good care of your body. Making good choices for it, keeping it clean and thinking about the future and what you may want to be able to do. Our bodies take us where we want to go and whatever we do we tend to use our minds, hands, legs to do so. I hope you are practicing listening to your own voice in your mind.
If I could share with you, I would about how your Mind is so valuable and how much you can do with with it.
I would share with you all I believe in and I would listen to all you believe.
I wish you the best 13th year, you can possibly have. Mostly, I hope for you to smile as often as you can, to laugh with joy as often as you can, to feel happy everyday, to exercise your body and your choices to feel the powers you have and wield them wisely.
I wish I could share with you the lesson I shared with Azure today. About as a girl you have power that will effect so many as you grow and become a Mother you have the power to bless. She is a little young to understand still, but I tell her these things now just in case there may be no other chance.
I wish I could share with you Amy or as I think of you, my Coco. I love that you are part of my story. I am awaiting to hear your story and wish you ink of creative powers as you write yours everyday.
Your Birth Mother, Elaine Wagstaff Duree

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