Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duree 2010 Christmas Party

I am still learning the ins and outs of blogspot i reversed the order of our nigh there so from last to fist heres the reel...

Savanah Ray, adores her uncle Dan, as he indulges her to wear her new earrings she just opened from our gift exchange. She is so adorable. What a good sport he is.
Corban, silly with receiving his gift from Grandma Bonnie, and Papa John.
Here are the Grand children and Grandma Bonnie with their new sweaters and the story Grandma read to them about receiving a Christmas sweater. Becca, John, Savanh, Bella, Ethan, Jadden, Mason, Azure, Corban,Gwendolyn, Ava is missing from the picture, I think she was sleeping.

Grandma, reading her Christmas story to the children. I love that she does this tradition every year. I will probably do it with my grand children. Don't you love her festive socks, too cute!
The kids after the story and a song or two. you have to look closely to see Gwen's big lip puckered out. She was upset because she was made to sit there. Silly girl, she does not like being made to do something thats not her idea. Do any of us? She shows a face of hey I a person, too. I want to make my own choices. She has been so grown up this way and many others since she was born.
Here is Linda Duree's sister Gina, her husband joey, and Elijah, their little one. They got to be at our Christmas party this year. I gave joey a festive Santa beard. I really don't know him well enough to mess with his face. But hey I just could not help myself I wanted to use that feature:0) I believe we are lucky to have extended family who wants to hang with us all on this special time of year. Ed's mother was also there but I did not get a picture of her. She is very sweet and like I said an honer to have extended family to join us.
Bella Bella, with her sweet self.
Ethan and his creation.
Corban, most defently naturally takes after his mother.
Becca Joy working on her tree creation.
Me, helping Corban, notice my hand on Gwendolyn's head. She had to be near with the full house of people there at the Horten's home. Thanks Horten's for hosting our Christmas party. We will look forward to coming again next year.
Aunt Jen, Savanah, Bella, Azure, and Ethan.
Aunt Linda's hands give directions to the children on how to build ginger bread house trees. i love this shot because I am fond of hands. It makes me think of my Grandma Fred, specifically his funeral and how his hands where talked about and mentioned for all they did for all who was there. And this is what aunt Linda is doing here for all with her dry cracked and have bleed hands that she serves so many with. thanks for the fun activity aunt Linda and serving us with your hands.
Group shot of the kids getting ready to build their houses. With aunt Linda's direction.
A shot I got of my two girls, threw out the night. (This was intended to be the first picture of the blog roll, how embarrassing.)

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