Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas morning

Santa gave us a magical Christmas this year. The kids have been good. It was so fun to hear Azure wake up Christmas morning run downstairs then run back upstairs announcing there was presents under the tree.
Gwendolyn's second Christmas with us, this time she was quite animated by all the excitement from her brother and sister. Our morning took extra time from opening presents to stop and make breakfast so she could eat. She did not get the hang of how to open presents till the end. Santa helped by leaving some presents for her that where unwrapped.
Azure loves littlest Pet Shops and was so happy to add to her collection. She looks so much like her sister Rachel in this photo. I did not see Rachel at seven but I bet they look a bit alike. I think it's in the eyes and hairline, and face shape.
Corban is too cute, with all his wild expressions. He loved his batman mask and costume not shown here. He is so much fun for his sisters to have. And, thank you grandma Bonnie for his Christmas Pajamas he kept them under his pillow ready to put on Christmas eve. He was so excited to wear them.

My children are such a joy, I loved seeing them so happy. They got everything they wanted except DS's. They are saving their allowances for them. They love each other and I am glad they have one another. We do not plan on having any more children. Corban talks about the baby boy who is coming sometimes. He is not ours to have. I know my heart tells me to give more to all my children they need me and I want to be here for them. To stretch to meets what ever needs of theirs I can meet. ?It is a joy it is to be a mother, a treasure that gives continually. To see their lives effected by the choices I make, big and small. I plead often with my father in Heaven for help me do this daily. And I know he is, helping. Just look how happy they look.

Thank you, Santa. For the Dinner, the Gifts, the company, the feelings of JOy. Our family thinks you are the stuff dreams are made of!!