Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whats going on At Home

I do not like to post with out pictures, but, I will have to endure it, since my computer broke and I have not had time to put the software on the "kids" computer, mostly it is not the time, it's hesitancy to do so. This is there computer and I really want it to stay theirs and not mine, so I am secretly hoping to get my own computer. We will see which gives first.

Our first week of Home School for our second year has just passed. I was so excited to start school I could hardly wait. Today was Saturday and I had to hold back from cracking books open for my kids. OK, I read them one, picture book, by Edward Lear. Yes, they love the man of nonsense. Unusual words, made up animal, who wouldn't love the science fiction of it.
The kids had a great week. I have to confess I did a little motivating with M&Ms, it worked! The secret to this years curriculum being so exciting is well, for starters I didn't know what I was doing last year. Second, BOARDERS is going out of business and we have so many great books on the subjects we are studying. Third, I love home schooling. It is so rewarding. I love the change in family life from what we had before. I can't tell you how often I hear the words " I love you" spoken in my home. It is amazing! My children are growing so much, I am so grateful I am eating up every second of it.

Other things going on, the Tile floor (see Facebook for pictures) is so beautiful, I love it. Dan, I think had some nervousness about it, as well he should have, it was all done in his hands, without ever having done a floor of any kind ever. I have so much more admiration for my tiles now that I hand picked and laid by hand, they sort of seem like little baby plants well rocks. I am looking forward to loving them each all the days I live here. I can easily see now slate is not for everyone. Any one who likes things of so neat, straight and uniform. I am not that sort, I like difference in the mix, example there, is this one tile that Dan said should not be there, that does not go in the room. I said that's the reason I like it so much. If I had hired someone else to do my floor they may have said the same. I got to allow that piece in the room. He is a odd ball and that's just one of my favorite things about that piece. so, the giddiness comes from more things going on.

We are expecting. Yes, we just found out. We are not hesitant to tell all. We are way to excited. I would not want to hesitate to enjoy one second celebrating the news. Even at the risk at loosing. If that where to happen, though my odds are good, in that this is my filth pregnancy and no miscarries so far. Wait does that give me goods odds? or bad odd? either way. We are so excited. We are hopping for a boy, but will take girl, too. We all would enjoy either. I gave and sold so much baby "stuff" in the last almost two years, that well, I will need to get more stuff, Either way boy or girl, I am going to need to find clothes. But, I am not worried, I am excited to be on the hunt.

Dan, finished his first week of his last semester of nursing school this week. He, got his Real Estate license over the summer. We just had his first property go under contract. Fun things, all around. Really had I let life be the will of my Heavenly Father and not mine. I would have been having more fun along time ago. I truly love being married to Dan, he is a whirlwind. That I only had the ability to think, dream, before. I am so blessed to have him do all the things we now dream, think up together.

I have gained new knowledge of things I did not understand in the gospel of Jesus Christ that I did not know before, I am a forever changed creature, and the blessing of this knowledge the events that passed this last year, I am so excited that have come to pass, that I am like a girl who really truly believes in Santa. I know know the meaning of my saviors birth, it was for me, his life, it was for me, his death, it was for me. I anticipate with great Joy to live the rest of my days here on earth with the knowledge I have gained and I am honored to be able to live and do tom marrow and each day here after with this new knowledge.

What a great time to be here upon this wicked earth. I am grateful, to be here. May I spread Love and do good works another day.

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