Saturday, December 17, 2011

Atlas Henry Duree

We are having another BOY! We are very Excited. We wanted a boy, we would have taken a girl, we hope for Healthy. the ultra sound was last Tuesday. We had all the kids there. Of course we never use a babysitter, and we Home School, the kids thought of the day as a field trip. We had a tour of the Delivery and Recovery floors at St. John's Hospital. Also, of the Nursery and the NICU just in case. We were very pleased with the Hospital staff, and all they told us about how they monitor the rooms from the nurse station so they do not need to come in and in again during Labor, if I Labor there or the other choice would be to Labor at home then try to come in just before delivery at about a 7 so the doctor and all can be ready.
We liked that they do not take baby out for it's bath or anything else they do that, baby can stay with me the whole time.
I am excited that I have a Doctor who is pro Natural Birth who is ensuring the Hospital staff are educated and supportive in Natural Birth. NO Home Birth this time for us. It was quite the roller coaster, and although there are so many pluses there where also so many negatives. That I just feel more secure this time to be planning the hospital birth. there was a whole list I could have done differently last time to ensure a better Home Birth. I am opting for using others to do some of that this time. I am looking forward to a wonderful Natural Birth Experience and Looking forward to welcoming my new little man to our family. I have already been dreaming about what he looks like and holding him in my arms.
I am now 21 weeks along and doing well with my pregnancy. I feel no slower then the pace I normal move at. Such a blessing at this time!

We have talked much about how we cam to choose this name for our son, "Atlas". It is from the Greek Origins of the Mythology stories of the Titan God Atlas. For school last year we studied Greece. I fell in love with so many of the stories. When thinking of a name for our new son, we where looking for something that meant great strength. As we hope our son will have. We wanted something that would teach him a sense of direction. To look to where he is headed always choosing a path. A name that would help him see who he is in this life and that he is special and meant to do a special mission while he on this Earth and to endure well. To us Atlas says all this and more.


I am Excited to be a mother to four. I am enjoying gaining the education and direction from my Father in Heaven on how to do so better each day. I look forward to teaching all my children the gospel, very excited to hopefully have two sons who will grow to love God and always be worthy to bless others with the Priesthood. Thank you Atlas, for expounding my heart to hold more Love for another of Our Fathers Children. May he help bless me that I may show each of my children great LOVe and all those around me, it is my pleasure to be gifted to do so.


Ed and Jennifer said...

Love it!

MEEN said...

Love it, love that you grow closer to god each day. That you use god, to help direct each day.