Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy BIRTHDAY Amy (Coco)

I wrote this on your Birthday the 3rd but I was unable to post it, Dan, has had to use the computer for hours and hours every day. He is studying to take the Boards for his nursing License.

Happy 14th Birthday Amy (my Coco)! Azure (8) & Corban (6) also say Happy Birthday!
I am excited for you to be 14 this year. 14 is a fun age. so much to think about, so many fun things to do. I hope you do much this year, to further your growth in talents and interests.
I wish I could talk to you, to hear about the things you are interested in. I hope you have influential people around you who are sharing with you the things they love learning and doing.
Your Mother is a librarian as far as a I understand. I hope she has shared with you her love of books. I love books, all types. Pick a subject, I would love to read, learn, study, research it with you.
Maybe you love music, art, dancing, crafts, outdoors, running, swimming, boxing, I wish I could hear all about you and what you love, your friends, boys who pay attention to you, boys who do not pay attention to you.
I want to know about your knowledge of the Gospel, your relationship with our brother our Savior, and our father-in- Heaven. Do you love the stories in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Do they bless your life reading daily as they do mine? Do you talk to our Brother and Father everyday? Have you felt their vast love for you? and how they want to hear from you, everyday.
My love for you is great. I do not even know who you have become but, I remember you where with me, you comforted me, you kept me company, you helped me, watched me, and was patient with me. I love you for all you did for me, and want you to know how you still touch my life. You are a dear friend, daughter, sister to me. I hope you know all this. I hope you have set your life on target to return to live with your Father in Heaven, that our lives will be blessed to spend time with one another weather it be in this life or in the next.
Keep the Faith, Try Hard each day, Know you are Loved by Me, my Husband, and Children, your Brother and Savior Jesus Christ, and Our Father in Heaven
P.S. May 14 (2012) be Amazing for you!!

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